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Tonebone Dragster Tonebone Dragster Super compact load correction device. £39.73 ex. VAT Tonebone BigShot ABY Tonebone BigShot ABY True-bypass ABY amp selector with tuner out with LED. £76.16 ex. VAT Tonebone BigShot I/O Tonebone BigShot I/O True bypass instrument selector with LED. £76.16 ex. VAT Tonebone BigShot PB1 Tonebone BigShot PB1 Fully variable class-A power booster for solos. £119.22 ex. VAT Tonebone BigShot SW2 Tonebone BigShot SW2 Two channel universal remote footswitch. £119.22 ex. VAT Tonebone Hollywood Bones Tonebone Hollywood Bones Dual-mode distortion and overdrive pedal. £132.47 ex. VAT Tonebone Vienna Chorus Bones Tonebone Vienna Chorus Bones Dual mode analog chorus pedal £132.47 ex. VAT Tonebone Twin City Bones Tonebone Twin City Bones Active ABY switcher with drag control. £132.47 ex. VAT Tonebone Texas Bones Tonebone Texas Bones Dual mode overdrive pedal. £132.47 ex. VAT Tonebone Bumper Tonebone Bumper Footswitch Instrument selector £135.69 ex. VAT Tonebone Regency Tonebone Regency Pre-drive and booster. £135.99 ex. VAT Tonebone Classic V9 Tonebone Classic V9 Ultra-responsive overdrive distortion pedal. £135.99 ex. VAT Tonebone Elevator Tonebone Elevator Multi-level power booster and buffer. £145.70 ex. VAT Tonebone Hot British V9 Tonebone Hot British V9 Distortion Pedal £147.33 ex. VAT Tonebone North Star Tonebone North Star Overdrive and Power Booster with effects loop £147.33 ex. VAT Tonebone Texas Pro Tonebone Texas Pro Overdrive and Boost Pedal. £147.33 ex. VAT Tonebone Mix-Blender Tonebone Mix-Blender Dual-function buffer, mixer & FX loop pedal. £156.13 ex. VAT Tonebone JDX Direct Drive Tonebone JDX Direct Drive Amp Simulator and DI Box £162.06 ex. VAT Tonebone Headlight Tonebone Headlight 4 Output Guitar Amp Selector £167.42 ex. VAT Tonebone Classic Tonebone Classic High performance tube distortion pedal. £182.13 ex. VAT Tonebone Hot British Tonebone Hot British 12AX7 tube distortion pedal. £182.13 ex. VAT Tonebone PZ-Select Tonebone PZ-Select Two channel instrument switcher. £198.69 ex. VAT Tonebone PZ-Deluxe Tonebone PZ-Deluxe Compact accoustic preamp pedal. £198.69 ex. VAT Tonebone Loopbone Tonebone Loopbone High performance effects loop controller. £231.82 ex. VAT Tonebone Headbone VT Tonebone Headbone VT Valve tube head switcher for two valve/tube amps. £231.82 ex. VAT Tonebone Headbone SS Tonebone Headbone SS Valve tube head switcher for two solid state amps. £231.82 ex. VAT Tonebone Headbone TS Tonebone Headbone TS Valve tube head switcher for 1 tube & 1 solid state amp. £231.82 ex. VAT Tonebone Cabbone Tonebone Cabbone Speaker cabinet switcher with a single amplifier head. £231.82 ex. VAT Tonebone Switchbone V2 Tonebone Switchbone V2 High performance ABY amp selector. £231.82 ex. VAT Tonebone Twinline Tonebone Twinline Effects loop interface for two amps. £234.38 ex. VAT Tonebone Bassbone V2 Tonebone Bassbone V2 Two channel bass preamp and di box. £248.37 ex. VAT Tonebone PZ-Pre Tonebone PZ-Pre Accoustic instrument preamplifier. £264.92 ex. VAT Tonebone Trimode Tonebone Trimode High performance 12AX7 dual channel tube distortion pedal £264.92 ex. VAT Tonebone Plexitube Tonebone Plexitube Two channel tube distortion pedal. £264.92 ex. VAT Tonebone Cabbone Ex Tonebone Cabbone Ex Speaker cabinet switcher special order £298.03 ex. VAT Tonebone Bassbone OD Tonebone Bassbone OD 2-Channel bass preamp. £298.03 ex. VAT Tonebone Headload Prodigy Tonebone Headload Prodigy Combination Load Box and DI £361.62 ex. VAT Tonebone Headload V8 Tonebone Headload V8 Guitar Amp Load Box £870.57 ex. VAT
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